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Lands#39; End Men#39;s Short Sleeve Super Soft Supima Polo Shi


Lands#39; End Men#39;s Short Sleeve Super Soft Supima Polo Shi


The Lands’ End Men’s Short Sleeve Supima Polo provides superior comfort and color resulting in a truly superior polo shirt. Manufactured with America grown Supima cotton this is one of the softest polo shirts you’ll ever own. So soft and comfortable in fact you’ll forget it’s practically a dress shirt. Traditional fit is not slim fitted and expertly tailored with a sturdy raised collar wide hemmed sleeves and a three button placket that you can wear open on casual days or button-up for a professional attire. Offered in a variety of solid colors that resist fading this is the only uniform polo shirt you’ll need. Plus the stain and wrinkle resistant finish of the fabric makes it ideal work wear for restaurant jobs or other customer service positions. Men’s short sleeve polo layers well under blazers jackets long sleeve sweaters fleece pull overs hoodies or over a lightweight undershirt tee. With a variety of classic and vibrant colors to choose from the clothing combinations are vast. Available in Regular Tall and Big and Tall sizes. Ordering a tall offers greater length if you need it. Consult sizing chart for your true to size fit.

Lands#39; End Men#39;s Short Sleeve Super Soft Supima Polo Shi



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Musicians and performers may not seem to have jobs that give them a lot of exercise but you’ll be surprised to learn that they find many ways to fit in some form of fitness regime around their work. Even during performances, they get some degree of exercise, especially with the more energetic ones, and by keeping a track of what they eat they can actually go on to lead very healthy lifestyles without significant weight gain.

This article will be looking at the many ways that musicians stay slim with such busy schedules, which would also be a useful tool for those of you that find it difficult to find a time for fitness and health while balancing family and work life. Even if you’re not a musician some of the tips on this list could inspire you to look at your own schedules and work out how you could fit in some form of exercise. Even if it is only for an hour or so in the day it is better than doing nothing and you will notice subtle changes if you are able to stick to it for a long period of time.


The work that musicians do means that they’re forced to do a lot of traveling while on tour up and down the country performing for a huge crowd of people, this traveling often means that they are forced to walk between places, and they are always on the move which although it may be subtle still provides a lot of exercises simply by keeping active. If you’re someone who travels to work you might think about replicating this by getting off for your destination to stop earlier and walking some of the distance to increase your daily step numbers.

Activity During Performances

Another way that musicians get a lot of exercises is through the movements they do during Ohio Travel Bag Split D-Ring, 1 Inch, Antique Brass Finish, Stee. It is a common misconception that this is not a very active role but when you are forced to stay standing moving around a stage at high energy for multiple hours at a time it can actually be very demanding. This of course comes down to the style of performance the musician does but training, rehearsals, and the performance itself each require quite a bit of stamina and strength to keep composure over a long period of time.

Exercise in Private Time

With exercise and musical performance being quite different activities to take part in, many musicians find that they enjoy exercise sessions during their downtime and free time when they’re not working. When you spend your life on stage it is often the case that the things you enjoy doing most are very private activities like going for a run or a session at the gym where you can just escape from everything else that is going on in your life. If you start to look at exercise in this way then it is likely that you will find it easier to regularly attend and you can get your fitness journey back on track once and for all.


Another big factor to consider when looking at how musicians are able to stay so slim would have to be their diet. If you find it hard to find the time to exercise then diet is an easy solution to looking after your health especially during the periods when you are most busy. If you are able to watch what you eat and I’m sure you’re getting plenty of healthy foods and around time on the road when takeaways are so tempting then this will help to make the times where you’re not able to exercise less detrimental to your fitness levels.


Taking supplements is another option that you have if like many musicians do not have the time to exercise regularly, although many supplements require you to have a strong fitness and exercise plan in place they will boost your results so that you have more opportunities for rest. I would recommend that if you are going to start taking supplements you do proper research into possible side effects and other issues that can come with using them, Nugenix Total T is reviewed here Which is a very reliable supplement that you should check out if you need something that can be quickly implemented into your daily routine.

Taking Time Out From Work

If you feel that your work is affecting your ability to take time for yourself then maybe it’s time for a break, what many musicians would do after a long tour is take time out from work where they can spend time with family and friends, which also gives them an opportunity to get their fitness back on track and do some exercise before they return to a lifestyle of performing on the road.

Which Games Have The Best Music Incorporation

Music and video games go hand in hand. Some of the best music I have ever listened to came from video game soundtracks. The introduction of video games into our society allowed musicians a new medium to play with. Some games simply have backing music to build ambiance. While others make the music part of the overall experience. Incorporating it in clever ways. Today we are looking at which games have the best music incorporation.

Guitar Hero

The ultimate music game. Guitar Hero launched the genre of music gaming to new heights. Using a game controller shaped like a guitar, players can play through their favorite songs in a rhythm-based timing game. And the series has only gone from strength to strength. The games include music from some of the most popular bands in the world. Such as Led Zeppelin, 20pcs V Groove Pulley, V-Type Pulley CNC Wheel POM Material 5mm, and Guns and Roses.

Beat Saber

VR technology has changed gaming forever. We can now fully immerse ourselves into virtual worlds. And one of the most popular VR games on the market currently is Beat Saber. A rhythm game where the player wields two lightsabers and has to strike the oncoming blocks in time to the music. The game utilizes music to create the patterns of blocks. There are plenty of popular musicians featured as well as some original music made by the devs. The game has also been heralded as a great workout due to the insane amount of movement required from players.

Dark Souls

One of the hardest game series on the planet. The Souls games are heralded for their ingenious game design and world-building. But a large part of this comes from its use of music. Or, more accurately, lack of music. A lot of the Dark Souls games don’t actually feature music within the levels. Instead, you are treated to the eerie silence of the world. Experiencing the ambient sounds and shrieks of the foes you face. The times you do hear music are at the boss fights, where you are treated to an orchestral feast. Or the safe areas where a melodic tune plays. If you haven’t tried the Souls games I highly recommend you do. And if the difficulty is off-putting then I recommend you use Hellengine gaming hacks to make the game easier. So you can properly enjoy the aesthetic of the game.


Taking it back many gaming generations to the Playstation 1, Vib-Ribbon is one of my all-time favorite titles. It is a music-based game that could be said to be one of the earliest rhythm-based games. The idea was simple. Press the right button as the character marches over various shapes and rings. All to the beat of the music. The biggest selling point was the ability to put in any music CD and have it incorporated into the game. Keep in mind this was long before the internet was as powerful as it is now. This level of integration was unheard of. Making it, in my eyes, one of the greatest music-based games in gaming history.

Fallout: New Vegas

The Fallout game series is one of the most popular on the planet. It was one of the most popular classic RPGs of its time. And when Bethesda brought it back it yet again rose to a position of power in the gaming world. While Fallout 76 was a critical failure of the series, the standout game still holds strong to this day. We of course mean Fallout: New Vegas.

And it also had some of the best music incorporation ever seen in a game. The Fallout games had a feature where players could tune into different radio stations in the wasteland. These stations would play some hits from the 50s and 60s. There is nothing better than walking through the radioactive wastes while jiving to some Bing Crosby. To this day I still listen to the Fallout: New Vegas soundtrack, despite the game being over ten years old.


A fairly new title that took the gaming world by storm upon its release. A sequel to the popular game Bastion, Hades follows the son of the titular Greek god Hades as he tries to escape from hell. The isometric combat game won the hearts of gamers for its quirky character design but mainly for its fantastic use of music.

The game has a dynamic music system that changes based on the speed and intensity of combat. If the battle is going well then the music will generally be more heroic and upbeat. If you are struggling or the foes are too strong then the music will reflect this. It is a system that is featured in a lot of games. But Hades stood out due to the creative and fantastic music design. We cannot wait to see what this company does in its next title. If it’s anywhere near as good as Hades, we are in for a treat.

Techniques Used By Your Favorite Singers For Improving The Health of Your Dog

It should not be a surprise to you that celebrity singers love their pets, social media is filled with so many adorable pictures of their animals that it can be hard to believe that their pets are so happy and healthy. However, with claims that celebs are not always taking the best care of their dogs and their pets, we have also seen an increase in the number of posts surrounding the care and welfare of their pets.

This has become a strong and useful resource for people who are struggling with their pet’s behavior, mood, and general wellbeing. This article will be looking at some of the most common ways that you can ensure your pet is in good health and that both owner and animal are as happy as they can be. Especially when you are a beginner at looking after a new animal, learning about new ways to maintain your dog’s health could be extremely beneficial. Continue reading for some of the most helpful tips to get your dog in the best physical condition and ensure they live a long and happy life with you and your family.


The first way that you can follow in the footsteps of many Celebs and singers in the care of their dogs would have to be making sure they are getting enough exercise. You simply just ensure that your dog is getting plenty of daily walks so that they are maintaining their weight and avoiding any health issues as a result of their diet and fitness level. If your dog is not enjoying the walks or you think that they may be working too hard, I would recommend setting up some form of exercise plan where you can gradually increase their workout routine without causing them unnecessary stress.


Another important technique that will help improve the overall health of your dog in a big way would have to be ensuring you are taking the time to play and have fun with your dog on a very regular basis. It is very important in making sure that your dog is happy and calm throughout the day. Regular Playtime is also crucial in developing a strong bond and rapport between pet and owner, as stress can be a big cause of health issues in dogs you must also place focus on their mental wellbeing.

Socializing With Other Animals

Another important factor to consider when providing care for your dog would have to be ensuring they get the chance to socialize with other animals and dogs. This is something that you should get your dog used to from a young age as they may be put off other animals if it is not quickly made clear to them that they will be completely safe with other animals. This is something else that could cause them stress and lead to other issues further down the line if it is left unaddressed.

CBD and Other Supplements

A common misconception when it comes to the world of supplements especially CBD is that it can only be used by humans. This is not true and dogs will feel some of the same pain relief and relaxing sensations that we would. This has really changed the game in terms of providing a natural remedy, rather than trusting the chemical-filled traditional medicines. If you are looking to buy CBD for your dog then I would highly recommend Holistapet CBD oil for dogs products, which have been specifically tailored to your pet’s needs and can provide a variety of different health benefits.

Singing to Your Dog

With celebrity singers being so popular amongst social media users, there have been some very cute videos released showing the strong bond between pets and their celebrity owners. Singing to Your dog could be highly beneficial as well as just making sure that you spend plenty of quality time together. This is another activity that can go towards building and improving the relationship you have with your dog, which will in turn help to prevent any stress-related conditions that could be affecting your pet.

Consulting With a Professional

Although you may have faith and reliance on the methods you use to look after your pet, you shouldn’t let that stop you from visiting a professional vet when you think something serious has arisen within your dog. It really is better to be safe than sorry, especially when dealing with something as precious as your pet, who should and probably is considered to be a member of the family. This is why it is also so important that you are monitoring the behavior of your pet and making sure or check things out if there are any drastic or immediate differences.

7 Songs Inspired By Marijuana

If you are a musician or you are simply a fan of music, you will be more than aware that musicians can find inspiration for their music virtually anywhere. A musician can be inspired by a person, a place or even an inanimate.

When you have a creative mind, inspiration can find you in the most unusual places and when the inspiration takes hold, it is hard to not go with the flow and see what you produce. For a lot of artists, finding inspiration for their music can be difficult.

This is especially the case if someone has had a very long music career, as they have already created a lot of songs based on their lives. For this reason, a lot of musicians turn to substances when they are creating a brand new song as they tend to be brilliant forms of inspiration.

Musicians turn to a lot of different substances for inspiration. For example, they may choose to use psychedelics. The most commonly used substance for music inspiration is Marijuana and many musicians all over the world give marijuana credit for the creation of some of their most famous songs. Here are 7 songs inspired by Marijuana

If we are writing about artists that have been inspired by marijuana, it would be impossible to miss this classic song by Afroman. Because I got High was released in the late 90s and since it has been released, it has been an anthem for stoners all over the world. Afroman was brought up in New York and he smoked during a time when the African American population were being given unfair prison sentences for the consumption and sale of Marijuana. Since then the laws have changed and now there are differences in the way New York responds to weed. Not only has there been legal changes to the consumption of THC, but the legality of CBD hemp flower in New York has also changed, which means people are freely using it.

This is another classic stoner anthem that is loved by everyone that engages in the use of marijuana. This song focuses on how using THC can help you escape the stresses of everyday life and kick back and relax, which we all need to do from time to time. The Beastie Boys have always made iconic songs and this is one of their best.

Though Ludacris is known to be a lover of marijuana consumption, this particular song puts focus on the consequences that come with engaging in the drug from a young age. Though weed is perfectly fine, it is not recommended that you use it at a young age. Ludacris tells the story of several young girls who got involved in weed far too young and had to live with the consequences of doing so. We love the message as we think that weed is for everyone, as long as they are old enough.

Does any band in the world scream stoner more than the band Sublime? Sublime had a huge influence on the 2000s and late 90s music and they have a special place in the heart of stoners all over the world. The message behind this song is nothing deep at all and it simply states that in times of peace, in times of stress and in times of war, there is always time to smoke a joint and kick back.

Kid Cudi has been making music for some time now and it is likely that you are more than familiar with his popular song day n’ night. This song explores the life of a stoner and some of the things they have to face in their lives. The message of the song is no matter how hard your day is, you can always come home and release yourself from the stress of life by lighting up a joint and relaxing. This song is a fantastic hit and it is loved by stoners all over the world.

50 Cent was at the forefront of normalizing the use of marijuana, but something that may surprise you is that 50 Cent is not really a big marijuana user. He tends to use the drug socially, as he has a low tolerance for it and has a busy daily schedule. Though he doesn’t engage in smoking too much himself, there is no denying that High All The Time isn’t a fantastic stoner anthem. It is also a commentary on how people are very fast to accept the use of alcohol, but people are less likely to accept all of the benefits of using marijuana.

We couldn’t write this list without at least mentioning the kind of Marijuana, Snoop Dogg himself. Snoop Dogg has been smoking since his teenage years and he has stated on multiple occasions that he would not have been able to make all of his famous songs without the creative inspiration that he got from using marijuana. He is loved by stoners all over the world and thanks to how open he is about his use of marijuana, he is breaking the stigma and making it feel like less of a big deal to use it.

Easy Ways to Increase Views on Your Songs

You might think increasing your views on anything that you post on social media platforms is a huge job.

But it isn’t really… as long as you are strategic enough to make your content more fun and interesting for the viewers.

There are various tactics to use to increase the views of your content online such as sharing it on your social media accounts and content marketing. Also, to increase your views on Tiktok, you can buy Tiktok views and likes PayPal.

But that’s just one tactic, there’s more!

What are easy ways to increase views on your songs online?

For this section, let’s focus on how to get more views on songs that you post on YouTube.

  • Get all the basics right.

YouTube’s basic housekeeping includes:

    • Your visual identity should be consistent.
    • You must have a complete and informative About section.
    • Keep your contact information up-to-date (to enable future brand partners and customers to get in touch with you).
  • Focus on your goals.

To optimize your YouTube marketing strategy, you need to be precise and ruthlessly selective about your goals and the content that will help you achieve them.

You don’t make videos for everyone. You’re here for a special audience. So, get to know your audience!

  • Improve your video search ranking.

In addition to being a social platform, YouTube is also a search engine. You can get more views through YouTube SEO, i.e. by optimizing your videos for search.

In other words, you want your video to appear near the top of YouTube’s results list when your ideal viewer types in your chosen keywords. That means you have to know what your audience wants – tutorials, inspiration, or entertainment.

  • Use metadata.

You can learn from the most popular videos in your niche if you want to get more YouTube views. So, look at the most popular video of your top competitor.

As YouTube’s main goal is to keep viewers on the platform for as long as possible, the algorithm’s job is to feed viewers one (hopefully appealing) video after another.

  • Use custom thumbnails.

You should make sure your thumbnail is clear and accurate about the video it describes.  Make sure the thumbnail stands out too.

Make sure your giant high-resolution face is not making a weird expression in good lighting. For example, if your niche is full of shrill, high-key visuals, the best way to stand out is to be the calm, minimalist voice of reason.

  • Post your video at the right time.

By dropping your video at just the right time when your largest audience of subscribers is online, they’ll all receive that sweet, sweet “new post” notification as soon as it’s live.

So, post your video at the right time to get higher views!

In YouTube, what counts as a view?

Each time a viewer intentionally watches a video for at least 30 seconds, that counts as a view. Pretty simple!

Views will be counted if you play your own video.

When a viewer watches your video more than once, each viewing is counted as a new view. (However, repeatedly refreshing to try to game the system will be detected by Youtube.)

Videos embedded on YouTube or videos shared on Facebook will also be counted.

Live views are also counted on YouTube.

YouTube Analytics is updated every day or two, so if you don’t see your activity reflected immediately, check back later.

On the other hand, YouTube’s algorithm is designed to ignore any play that appears to be automated. In essence, it just wants to know how many times a real human has watched your video.

This means that when a single user or bot refreshes a video repeatedly, or when a website plays a video automatically, these views are not counted towards your total views.


As you can see, many easy tactics can help you gain more views on New York Attitude Funny Square Glass AshTray and Oil Lighter Set.

As a rule of thumb, you should focus on your goals and get to know your audience better to create great content.

Also, be sure to post consistently and at the right time to keep your audience more engaged on your content.

Of course, create unique content!


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